Lots of people visited Burgess

Leaning his crook over both of his shoulders as he wandered, Jackson hummed a light tune to himself, a small smile on his face. It had been a busy day, and though there wasn’t a lot of sunlight left, he was determined to make the most of what light still shone. Pausing in his walking however, he noticed a few face at the edge of town, and they seemed to be.. a little lost. Curious, he made his way over, and smiled. 

"Hello there! Welcome to Burgess." 

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    Jackson chuckled lightly and nodded. “I can do that, but there isn’t much to show you in a town this small..” he...
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    "Of course no’," Merida said with a smile. "Maybe you could show me around? Ta pass the time," Merida suggested, looking...