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Anonymous: Shit man, i just looked over your thread and thought it was named "browndeyedfucker wants to build a snowman"

LMAO what even

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Long way from home || partyponypinkiepie & browneyedtrickster

    ↳❅ Okay, ow.

Grimacing slightly, Jackson slowly shook his head and blinked a few times, trying to get used to the way his body suddenly felt. Stretched and.. weird. He reached a hand up, to try and rub his head, only.. he didn’t have fingers.

        Wait, what?!

Eyes snapping open, Jackson tried to stagger to his feet, wobbling slightly, and he stretched out his hands, to see they’d been replaced with..


Oh Dear God. He was a pony.


browneyedtrickster wants to build a snowman


"My sister would have been a disruptive influence…" Elsa smiled softly. "She’d be dancing on the tables." She gave Emma a small smile, trying to soothe the girl emotionally. "I’m sure you were behaving just fine. You’re like a princess." 

    ↳❅ “You have a sister?” Emma asked, smiling at this information. “How old is she? Can she do what you do, as well?” Her eyes were wide with curiosity, and Jackson rolled his eyes, chuckling.

"Don’t bombard her with questions, Em." 

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The Ghostly Occupant || browneyedtrickster & hiccup-the-useless-outcast


          The mention of his family… the boy wondered how the spirits relatives were like. They were probably full of spunk just like he was. Three hundred  years and he still has all that energy. 

Well i’m sure she enjoyed it. For a ghost who hasn’t played for more than three hundred years, you’re surprisingly good. 

    ↳❅ That was enough to make Jackson laugh, loudly. He grinned at the other boy, genuinely amused, and he felt like he hadn’t smiled that widely and genuinely since he was alive.

"Thanks!" He chuckled. "Glad you liked it. Guess some things just stick with you." He glanced around the room. "I think I’m gonna be sad to see you go, Hiccup." He admitted.

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A  quick sweep of the eyes across the room would reveal no one else was there besides the two of them.

"Whoever or whatever it was, its not with us anymore. What do you think that was?"

    ↳❅ Jackson furrowed his eyes slightly, frowning. Something felt wrong, and he wasn’t sure he liked it; nor did he like the way it seemed colder than it had earlier.

"Trick of the light, maybe?" He guessed, his own voice uncertain. That was what he was hoping it was, at least. 

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Second Chance


Rapunzel smiled when the young girl agreed to walk into her warm apartment moving aside to let her enter. Rapunzel’s small smile fell when she looked outside seeing nothing but darkness. Her brother wasn’t running towards the door, no cry for his little sister. For a few more seconds she left the door open before slowly closing it behind now focusing her full attention on the little girl. 

"Are you hungry? Do you need new clothes or a blanket?" she asked hoping to calm her fears of where her brother could be. 

    ↳❅ Emma looked up at Rapunzel, and bit her lip, before she shook her head quickly. Now that her inital panic was over, and she had done what Jackson had told her to do, she had reverted to her quiet self.

Her stomach however, spoke for her, and rumbled, causing her to blush and wrap her arms around it, looking sheepish.

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Anonymous: Important, friendly, and daily reminder! You are a wonderful person, you are lovely, and you are very important!

You’re so diligent I love it uwu

i love you

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Love Always Finds a Way || Star-Crossed AU || Browneyedtrickster & Jamie-bennett


*Was he okay? Jamie repeated the question silently to himself before letting it fade into his jumbled thoughts like an echo. Considering he was almost burned to death in front of the whole town against his will he didn’t feel so okay. But he guessed that wasn’t what Jack had meant*

I can’t explain now. I—I have to go back home. *Jamie informed urgently. There was probably a group of towns people headed there now and possibly even here, it wouldn’t be safe to go back nor linger around these woods for long. Knowing there was no returning to Burgess, he had to act fast if he wanted to escape with his life* There are things I need.

    ↳❅ Jack frowned at him, furrowing his eyebrows. He couldn’t imagine why someone would openly try to kill Jamie like that; and why the townspeople were just letting it happen! It made his flesh crawl, and he felt like being sick. If he hadn’t been there..

"What?!" Jack stared at him, blinking. "After what they -  you want to go back?!" He demanded. Okay, needing things made sense, but that was dangerous. "No! Look, you hide here, and I’ll go back. Just tell me what you need, and I’ll be here and there in no time. They can’t see me, but they can definitely see you." 

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Star-Crossed || [Part 2] || Browneyedtrickster & Jamie-Bennett


*One corner of Jamie’s lips tugged up to form a lopsided smile, both at Jack’s teasing and the relief. This was one step closer to actually getting to tag along, helping the Guardians. He figured it’d be easier to somehow convince Jack to bring him along on things then if one of the Guardians were to look over him. That plan seemed to falter however, along with Jamie’s smile, when Jack just as quickly took back what he’d said*

What? *Was Jamie’s first reaction followed by a puzzled look. Jack looked completely serious and so he knew it was no tease. But it didn’t make any sense. He’d known the spirit the longest and the best out of everyone here so it seemed more fitting it’d be him, especially since he wasn’t an honorary Guardian. North and the others looked about as surprised as Jamie did*

No? What makes you say that? *North asked gently*

    ↳❅ Jack cleared his throat slightly, and tried for a small grin, but it fell a little flat, and he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “W-Well it’s just.. I’m not..” Cursing inwardly at his failure to think of a good excuse, he decided to try for the truth, or at least.. a varied version of the truth.

"I’m just not good at.. protecting people." He sighed. "Look, I’d end up screwing it up, and he’d get hurt, okay? I don’t want that on my conscience."

Not again. 

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