"tO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM DEVISTATION!" Anna shouted, stepping infront of Jackson with her arms outstretched.

    ↳❅ “To unite all people within our nation!” Jackson chimed, pulling out a rose from nowhere and looking at it ponderingly. 

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selena-spring-spirit: Selena tackles Jackson from behind. "I missed you!" She squeals, hugging him tightly. (I released the Selena!)



    ↳❅ Jackson stumbled forward slightly, flailing his arms in surprise, before he grinned and twisted in her grip, so he could hug her tightly.

"I missed you too, short-stuff!" He teased, grinning.

Selena stares with awe at the flower. She takes it from Jackson and holds onto it gently. Soon a big smile comes onto her face. She tucks her gift inside her bag carefully. Then she turns and she hugs him again. “Thankyou Jackson, it’s so beautiful.” She says softl. This was the first time anyone had given her a gift like that.

    ↳❅ Relieved that she liked the gift, Jackson wrapped his arms around her in a hug, and grinned. “I’m glad you like it! I saw it and thought of you for some reason, so I figured that it’d be perfect.” 

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From nearby, a closet door creaked open. Ina peeked out, looking up at Jackson with wide eyes. He’d returned! At last! She looked around, before bounding towards the older male. 

"You’re back! Y-you’re safe!" 

    ↳❅ Hearing the closet, Jackson turned, and smiled at the sight of her, before he bent down and pulled her into a hug. “I’m okay - I’m fine.” He agreed, before he pulled back and looked her over. “What about you? Are you okay?” 

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"Good." Hiccup grabbed Jack’s wrist and rushed back to his hut, loving the feel of the other’s cool skin. He opened the door to his hut and ran up to his room, looking back to Jack. 

    ↳❅ Jackson laughed as he was pulled along, but quickly sped up his steps, so that he was not being pulled, but led instead. He was smiling, glancing around and just enjoying the sensation of being back in the village he loved. 

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Flubber Bubber

Hi hello I’m here for a short time :3

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It’s too early for this nonsense :T

mornin’ guys

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Okay i need to sleep

it’s been fun and I’ll hopefully be on tomorrow but i got stuff to do so we’ll see

once i’ve gotten back into the swing of things with jackson, I’ll pick up my big threads again. for now though.


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Hiccup smiled into the small kiss, tilting his head to the side. “Do you have anything to do today? Because I have missed my cuddle buddy….” 

    ↳❅ “I just got back.. and I have made sure that I have literally NOTHING to do all week. So I’m very free.” Jackson assured the other, grinning slightly. 

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Anna  made a move to bite his finger as it neared her nose, grinning widely. “Prepair for trouble!”  She started, nudging her friend to continue the phrase.

    ↳❅ “Make it double!” Jackson replied instantly, laughing and striking an overly dramatic pose.

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Emma grinned broadly. “Alright. I forgive you. But your name’s Jerkface until at least tomorrow.” She hugged him again. “I love you. And I missed you.” 

    ↳❅ “I think I can live with that.” Jackson allowed, laughing. “As long as I’m forgiven.” He smiled, and took her hand, swinging them back and forth. “I love you and missed you too. lots and lots.” 

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